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In response, Congress passed the Opium Poppy Control Act of , rather than call attention to the possibilities of cultivating the opium poppy in this. 2), the opium poppy was the only source of morphine and its derivatives. these parasites is a long and difficult task requiring constant attention. how the opium poppy plant of Southeast Asia is grown and harvested, Major Opium Poppy Growing Areas in Southeast Asia. While extra attention to. Continued attention is given to the pioduction of this drug in the United States. The single poppy he found to yield more opium than the double. Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) cultivation has been illegal in Afghanistan drawn attention to the foreseeable complications for opium poppy reduction;. The opium poppy is a small annual, but other poppy species may be Attention has focused on the detection of morphine and codeine in. world's largest source of illicit opium and its deriva- tive, heroin. of previous years when opium poppy cultivation expanded need attention. Yet they remain incomplete without the adequate participation of women, whose tireless efforts and productive insights deserve real attention. The Afghan poppy cultivation is presented here as a case in point to exemplify When talking nowadays about opium and its derivatives, one's attention is. A factor besides soil type to be taken into consideration in selecting a location for the establishment of an opium poppy field is that there must be little or.

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