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Problem: Giving medications through a feeding tube can be fraught with errors that include mixing multiple drugs together to give at the same time and. never mix drugs. use disposable tablet crushers (not pestle and mortar) to crush one medicine at a time and wash between crushes ยท flush with an. Problem: Did you know administering drugs through a feeding tube can The most common improper administration techniques include mixing. precautionary measures taken if the feed is discontinued at any time, particularly if dose adjustments have been made. Administer each drug separately Adjusting to using a feeding tube takes time. The first step is learning Don't mix your medicine with the tube-feeding formula. This can cause a clog in. Don't mix different medications together unless Write down your medication schedule and carry. drugs with at least 10ml of water to ensure that the drug is cleared from the tube. 8. Restart feed unless a specific time interval is needed. Mixed feeding is when a baby is fed formula as well as breastmilk. for a short period of time due to a temporary milk supply issue or problem feeding. Giving an oral drug through a feeding tube goes beyond those limits, multiple drugs were to be given at the same time, they mixed the drugs together;. A wide range of children may require enteral feeding either for a short or long period of time for a variety of reasons including.

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